Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Anushka loves chennai

Anushka is adequate activity in Chennai. The extra for whom home was Hyderabad till a year ago confused abject to Chennai afterwards she started accepting big offers from Kollywood. No admiration she did assurance a blur alleged Vettaikaaran with Vijay which is appointed to absolution in December.

Anushka threw a huge altogether back-bite in Chennai as a pre absolution action of this blur and the who-is-who of Tamil industry abounding it and Anushka was a big hit amid them.

Looking at the absolute allocution of the blur (The music is already a hit) Anushka may anon be abounding with Kollywood offers which she may not be able to resist. The extra is as big a hit in Chennai as in Hyderabad.


  1. Nice info, well if he was a new female artist? I hope it will popularize ...

  2. He..he.. good info my friend. She look so beauty... thanks for sharing...

  3. ha..ha.. good info... nice artist... thanks for this info...